"...Gordon McConnell...brings into his work a rare fullness of mind, an unusual ability to understand the West in the round. He understands revisionist history, yet loves the grand old themes; he's adept at postmodern irony, yet does not condescend to the cowboy.

"In Runaway Chase, we see a cowboy chasing after a runaway coach....The rider may catch the prize in the movie, but the two remain forever apart in the painting. The existential aura is further enhanced by the cloud of dust that surronds him. In the paintings, the dust does not read as simple dust, as it does in the movie, but as a strangely unfinished emptiness. The cowboy seems isolated in a void (the backgrounds of these paintings often have a sketchy mystery). The picture then becomes, among other things, a fresh depiction of the classical theme of the existential cowboy."

—Mark Stevens, Dreaming of Dreams: Gordon McConnell and the American West, in Once Upon a Time in the West: Paintings by Gordon McConnell, UCROSS FOUNDATION, 2008

Runaway Chase, acrylic on two hardboard panels, 30 x 48 inches overall, 2008



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